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Some of the News, Download and Contents are based of Haj 2014.


R.A.S. (Reserved Accommodation Scheme)

As per Saudi Regulations, accommodation has to be arranged for the pilgrims in advance through the CGI, Jeddah. The space entitlement per pilgrim is 4 sq. meters. There are two categories of accommodation in Makkah. The pilgrims are required to indicate their option in the HAF. The option once exercised shall be final and irrevocable. The accommodation particulars and charges for the two categories are as follows:


It may be noted that for Green category:

i) The distance shown in from outer periphery of Haram Sharif (not Ka’aba)

ii) Transportation facility is not available for Green category.

iii) There is no special/extra facility for buildings in Green category.

iv) There is no preferential treatment during the stay in Madinah Munawaarah and Mina / Arafat / Muzdalifah during Haj days.

In case of non-availablility, accommodation can be hired in altogether new category and allotted to the pilgrims who opted any of the above two categories.

Qurah for accomodtion

All efforts are made to allot accommodation category to all pilgrims, as per their option. However, it is possible that the number of units available, especially in Green Category, is less than the demand. In such a case allotment shall be made through Qurrah. The remaining pilgrims shall be accommodated in the next category available. The charges will be as per the category actually allotted.

Accommodation facilities:

The accommodation hired in holy cities has the facilities as prescribed by the Saudi Arabian Regulations. The space entitlement for each pilgrim is 4 sq. meters  only and each pilgrim shall be provided with a mattress and a pillow. The rooms will be air-conditioned. The supply of Zam Zam to each building is by the Saudi Authorities as per their norms. Building owner’s staff is responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of the premises. Gas connection shall also be provided. However, the pilgrims have to refill the gas cylinder at their own cost, after first refill. The pilgrims have to share the room, kitchen, toilets and wash room facilities with other pilgrims in all categories both at Makkah and Madinah. Size of a room may vary from 1 person to 20 persons. A single toilet has to be shared by not more than 12 pilgrims and not more than 30 pilgrims have to share a single kitchen. It may be noted that kitchen is not provided in buildings in Madinah.

As per the Saudi Arabian rules, elevators are provided only in the buildings having more than four storeys. Although it has been decided to hire buildings having lift facility. Some of the pilgrims may be required to stay in second, third or fourth storey with no lift facility. The HCoI shall request CGI, Jeddah to preferably accommodate all the aged pilgrims on the ground or first floor.

Exempted Category

Pilgrims desirous of staying in any of the Indian Rubats shall obtain an allotment letter issued by concerned Rubat authorities and submit it to the HCoI on or before 10th June, 2014. The allotment letter received after the last date shall not be entertained and the pilgrim shall be booked under Reserved Accommodation Scheme (R.A.S.) for which applicable charges shal be payable by the pilgrim. The Rubat Authorities will issue the allotment letter as per their authorized capacity as confirmed to HCoI by the CGI, Jeddah. In case of any delay on the part of Rubat Authorities, the HCoI shall not be responsible and the pilgrims will be booked under R.A.S.

Accommodation in Mina

Mina is a valley with limited space and pilgrims have to share their living space with many others inside large tents. Pilgrims have to stay in Mina for 5-6 days. Arrangements in Mina made through Moallims and each Moallim accommodates around 5000 pilgrims in his tents. Space is extremely scarce in Mina and pilgrims should carry only essential baggage with them.