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Some of the News, Download and Contents are based of Haj 2014.

Payment & Confirmation

Bank Reference Number:

All provisionally selected pilgrims will be allotted a unique bank reference number which shall be communicated by the SHC in the provisional selection letter. For depositing Advance and Balance Haj Amount, this number must be quoted compulsorily in the bank pay-in-slip meant for the purpose. The pay-in-slip (Green colour) for Advance/Balance Haj Amount is attached in booklet. No payment shall be accepted by the bank without quoting the Bank reference number.

Note: Pay-in-sip can also be obtained by the pilgrim from the concerned SHC or can be directly downloaded from the website.



After depositing the amount of Rs.81,000/-, the provisionally selected pilgrims shall submit a copy of the pay-in-slip to the concerned SHC on or before 10th May,2014.

The status of the pilgrim shall be confirmed by the HCoI upon receipt of HAFs along with pay-inslip, passport, photographs, other essential documents, etc. from SHC, after due verification.

This applies to both Group Onc & Group Two applicants.

In case the pay-in-slip for Advance Haj Amount is not submitted by the specified date the Haj seat shall stand cancelled.