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Some of the News, Download and Contents are based of Haj 2014.


The Quota of Haj Committee and Government Reserved Quota is fixed by Government of India every year. After deducting the Government Reserved Quota, remaining seats are distributed among 35 State/Union Territories proportionate to the Muslim Population as per 2001 Census.

Important Note: If the number of Haj Applications received by the State/Union Territory Haj committees is less than the Quota, then such excess quota shall be surrendered to Haj Committee of India. In case such SNC/UTHC fails to surrender excess quota after closure of Data entry, it shall be deemed that the excess quota is surrendered to HCOI by the SHC/UTHC.

The surrendered seats would be redistributed among the State/Union Territories which received applications in excess of the Quota allotted to them. The chart indicating the details of State/Union Territories with Muslim Population is given below:.