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Baggage Standardization


i) Baggage:

For the sake of convenience to pilgrims it has been decided to standardize the baggage. From the experiences it has been noticed that due to anomalous and clumsy baggage it is very difficult for the Aircraft to carry all such baggage. It may create untold problems to the pilgrims as well as to co-pilgrims, resulting in delay of flights.

It is in this perspective Haj Committee of India has decided to standardize the baggage. The intending pilgrims should purchase two suitcases and a hand bag of the below mentioned sizes only to be used for both Outward and Inward journey.

Handbag of standard size (22” x 16” x 8”) having maximum weight of 10 Kgs. which must be suitable for placing in the closed overhead rack or under passenger seat. One shall not carry baggage items other than the specified suitcases and handbag. Haj Committee of India will not be responsible for extra baggage. Non-compliance may lead to cancellation of Haj journey and forfeiture of the entire amount deposited at any stage of journey.

Note: - Pilgrims are requested to record their Cover Number, Name, Address, Flight Number & Embarkation Point on baggage by bold marker pen for easy identification.